Chaperone Policy

A chaperone will be available, on request, to all clients when physical examination is required. Any specific wishes or preferences should be communicated to me at the start of the consultation or in advance of the appointment.

A chaperone will usually be a health professional and will:

  1. be sensitive and respect your dignity and confidentiality
  2. reassure you if show signs of distress or discomfort
  3. be familiar with the procedures involved in an intimate examination
  4. stay for the whole examination and be able to see what I am doing
  5. be prepared to raise concerns if they are concerned about behaviour or actions.
  6. If either you or I do not want the examination to go ahead without a chaperone present, or if either of us is uncomfortable with the choice of chaperone, I will offer to delay the examination to a later date when a suitable chaperone will be available. If I do not wish to go ahead without a chaperone present but you have said no to having one, I will explain clearly why I want a chaperone present. I will record any discussion about chaperones and the outcome in you consultation notes. If a chaperone is present, I will record that fact and make a note of their identity. If you do not want a chaperone, I will record that the offer was made and declined.