Payment is usually taken at the time of assessment by debit card, credit card or American Express.  Other payment options include internet transfer.

CAA Class 1/Class 3 medical  170.00
CAA Class 1/Class 3 medical, ECG 276.00
CAA Class 1/Class 3 medical, ECG, Audio 320.00
CAA Class 1/Class 3 medical, Audio 223.00

Full (laboratory/venous sample) lipid test age 40  60.00

CAA Class 2 medical 170.00
CAA Class 2 medical, ECG 193.00

CAA LAPL medical 150.00

Cabin Crew medical  150.00


Unfit letter including change of fitness status casework 0.00
Aircrew consultation (eg to amend fitness status/issue fit letter) 144.00
Casework – amend Fit status/issue Fit letter (between medicals) 114.00
Casework – amend Fit status/issue Fit letter (at time of renewal/revalidation medical) 72.00
Cardiology external referral 144.00
Referral letter – short 60.00
Referral letter – long 90.00
Review report received/casework (per specialty) – simple 60.00
Review report received/casework (per specialty) – intermediate 144.00

BMI over 35 Administration/Review reports received/casework 144.00

BMI over 35 Blood test/Laboratory fee 60.00

1. Unfit letter fee is due and payable at time of reinstatement of certification.
2. At my discretion the fee for review of reports received may be waived if the report is available at the time of the medical, no further data is required and a certificatory decision is made at the time of the medical.